Thursday, August 06, 2015

Discworld - Glom of Nit

Going Postal introduces another recurring protagonist to the Discworld: Moist von Lipwig.

One of Moist's philosophies is always keep running because you never know who might be catching you up.  It's very fitting for this book, because it keeps running for its entire length.  It is a fast paced book that bring to mind a roller coaster in reverse.  Even after having head is many times, I found myself looking forward to lunch and time on the train to get back to my reading.

Again, Pratchett is detailing bits of his main city and calling back to the first time the post office was mentioned.  We learn where the missing letters from the motto went.  And we learn more about the working of the clacks system.

Next, is a return to the Watch with Thud.


Recurring concepts and characters appearing in this book:

Adrora Belle "Spike/Killer" Dearheart
Angua, sergeant
Anoia, goddess things that stick in drawers
Berhodlt Stutley "Bloody Stupid" Johnson
Blind Io
Carrot Ironfoundersson, Captain
Clerk Brian
Dark Lord
Dolly Sisters
Dr. Mossy Lawn
Drumknott, secretary
Extremelia Mume, priestess of Anoia
Fred Colon, sergeant
Gladys , golem
Goitre, Posthumus Professor UU
Harry King
Havelock Vetinari, Patrician
Hobson's Livery Stable
King of Lancre (Verence II)
Ladislav Pelc, Proefessor UU
Lady Margolotta von Uberwald
Lela, volcano goddess
Lord Downey, Assassins’ Guild
Miss Macalariat
Moist von Lipwig
Mr. Pony
Mr. Slant, Guild of Lawyers
Mr. Tiddles, cat
Mr. Trooper, hangman
Mrs. Cake
Mustrum Ridcully, archchancellor UU
Offler, the Crocodile-Headed God
Otto Chriek
Ponder Stibbons
Queen (Keli) of Sto Lat
Sacharissa Crisplock
Sam Vimes, knight, duke, commander
Stanley, assistant postman
Sto Lat
Teemer and Spools
The Ankh-Morpork Times
The Assassins’ Guild
The Cabbage Stamp
The Campaign for Equal Heights
The Chair of Indefinite Studies
The Clacks System
The Dark Clerks
The Golem Trust
The Guild of Merchants
The High-Energy Magic Building
The Lady Sybil Free Hospital
The Lecturer in Recent Runes
The Low King of the Dwarves (Rhys Rhysson)
The Mended Drum
The Opera House
The Royal Bank
The Royal Post Office
The Thieves' Guild
Thud, game
Tolliver Groat, junior/senior postman
Unseen University

Witch flying into clacks tower (Granny Weatherwax)

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