Monday, August 31, 2015

Discworld - Watching Vacation

Snuff is another fine book of the Watch and Sam Vimes.  It's also another tightly written book.

It's the second book to have a tie-in book written for it: The World of Poo.  And no, I didn't forget an "h".

Snuff brings another sentient species into the Discworld in the form of goblins.  They are downtrodden and considered vermin, but we find out that there is more to these sword fodder creatures than people think.


Recurring themes and characters appearing in this book:

A.E. Pessimal, inspector
All Jolson
Billy Slick
Blind Io
Burleigh & Stronginthearm
Carrot Ironfoundersson, captain
Cheery Littlebottom, sergeant
Detritus, sergeant
Diamond, king of trolls
Dr. Lawn
Drumknott, secretary
Events in Thud
Events in Unseen Academicals
Feeney Upshot, chief constable
Felicity Beedle
Fred Colon, sergeant
Goblin in the fairy book
Gumption snuff
Haddock, sergeant
Harry King, knight
Havelock Vetinari, patrician
Hourly bells
Koom Valley
Lady Margolotta von Uberwald
Lord Ronald Rust
Mightily Oats, reverend
Mr. Slant, Guild of Lawyers
Mr. Trooper
Mr. Trooper
Nac Mac Feegle
Nobby Nobbs, corporal/acting sergeant
Nutt, orc at UU
Octarine Grass Country
Otto Chriek
Ponder Stibbons
Purity, maid
Quirm College for Young Ladies
Rhys Ryhsson, low king of the dwarves
Sam Vimes, commander, duke, knight
Shine of the Rainbow
St. Ungulant's Fire
Stoneface Vimes
Sybil Ramkin-Vimes, duchess
Tears of the Mushroom
The Ankh-Morpork Royal Opera House
The Ankh-Morpork Times
The Clacks System
The Dark Clerks
The Duchess of Keepsake (ISWM)
The Goode Childe’s Book of Faerie Tales
The Marquis of Fantailer
The Summoning Dark
Unseen University
Verity Pushpram
Wee Mad Arthur
Where's My Cow
William de Worde
Young Sam Vimes

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