Monday, August 31, 2015

Musical Memories

This morning on my ride to BART, the Beatles' "Magical Mystery Tour" popped up on my iPod.  I immediately taken back to a party with friends before I was moving away from Kentucky.  We were making a mix tape for me of music that they felt I needed to know.

They gave me some Dire Straits because I had only "Brothers in Arms", and some Earth, Wind & Fire that I asked for, and then they said, "You have 'Sgt. Pepper's, but do you have 'Magical Mystery Tour'?"  I said I'd never heard of it, and so we listened to it while it copied.

Little other music transports me like that.  Phil Collins' "But Seriously..." takes me to the concert at Arco Arena while I was in college.  Occasionally, Dire Straits and the credits music from "Buckaroo Banzai" (and strangely enough "Rock Me Amadeus") will take me to driving the country roads in Maryland.  It happens other times too in small ways, but it's always a surprise.

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