Tuesday, October 07, 2008

I feel drained

Yesterday morning I got up an hour early, for our company's monthly safety meeting.

I went out to the car, and while I was able to unlock the car electronically, that probably used up the remaining energy in the battery. It didn't even click when I turned the key. I had two lights on the dash and that was it.

So I sheepishly woke Jennifer up, and we tried to jump start it. Nothing.

So I used her old car, drove to work, and pondered what to do. She had been going to check on getting it fixed for me, but work came up for her, and so it landed back on me.

I did the manly thing. Honestly, I did. I went to Kragen. I bought a battery, and I replaced the old one all by myself. Except for one call to our Health and Safety guy at ETIC for a recommendation on which terminal connector to remove first.

The final say: remove negative first, then positive. After replacing the battery connect positive first and then negative.

All is better now. I just have to try to not feel negative (I swear, no pun intended) about the whole event.

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