Sunday, October 05, 2008

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Two weeks ago was John's birthday celebration. The pictures are in the previous post. We had a good time, and there was much food and merriment.

Last weekend, Jennifer, her father, and I went to the Ren Faire in Casa de Fruta. We had a fun time, but it's never the same with others, so we made plans to return on the 4th, yesterday.

All week I was anxious because there was rain forecast for Saturday. But as the weekend edged closer it looked like the rain was edging earlier, and would be finished just before the Faire opened.

And it was... for a while.

We drove through little localized showers, and completed dressing for the Faire in the parking lot, made our way in and saw the mud. Apparently it had poured for about 5 minutes just before opening. Things were fine, but it was a bit mucky. We were hopeful though that the rain was over.

Jennifer wore her new outfit she had bought a few years ago. She has moved up in station and dresses, nearly noble now. While there, we bought her a new flogger from the Tower of London. And a new head piece. Last week she had bought her first snood, and as you can see from the photos she looks great.

We were finally able to get me a new surcoat. It's awesome. I didn't get the shorts and slashed slops. I wold have needed to get tights and some new boots. Plus we like the look of the bloused pants. But I'm going to need new pants soon. We've re-dyed these, but I need something better.

And then the rain started up again. Fortunately I was warned that the surcoat (mostly suede) would be fine in the rain if I didn't brush the water off, and then let it rest flat to dry. And I had hoped to get a new hat (one of leather as the felt one I have is getting old); however, they didn't have my size, but I plan to go online and get the one I want. But there are a lot of choices.
The problem with the rain was that Jennifer got cold. She didn't have the layers that I did. So we had to leave and missed out on seeing the Moonie, then Broon, then the Moonie and Broon jam session. We did get to see a little of Broon's show before Jennifer got really chilled, and we bought the Moonie and the Moonie and Broon DVDs. They're are a poor substitute to the really thing, but will help us get a long until January when they will be at the Lesher Center for the Arts in Walnut Creek.

It's usually around our "Other Anniversary" (our first date), and we have only missed one since they've been doing it.

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