Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Results of Saturday

Well, my mom is taking off on her blog.

And she even gave me credit in her e-mail to everyone:

In my old age, I have started writing. I asked son Erik to read some of my writing and see if it was worth pursuing. He deemed it worthy enough to keep trying. And Erik suggested that I blog in order help me write. I said," I don't know how to set up a blog." Ten minutes later he had me set up. Erik is a good teacher, he made me do the set up.

Below is the link to I have no endings. Keep the link in your favorites and check in every now and then. I won't write daily, but will write more than once a week. If you feel it is worthy, pass the link on to someone. Feel free to make comments.

Janet A

So I encourage you to read her stuff. She has some good stories, and more than just a blog might come from this. Mom's becoming "mobbed up" in the publishing world.

My only qualm is that there are things my parents don't know about: The tattoos, the trip to Key West, the iPod, the car stereo, to name a few. I have to post with my AOL ID. So feel free to post Comments on hers and even become a Follower.

Just don't tell her about this place.

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