Monday, October 13, 2008


I meant to post this on Friday, but I forgot with other posts and pesky things like work and musicals...

Twenty-two years ago on Friday, was my first kiss.

The musical I went to see Friday, "I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change" was about the many stages of relationships in the 21st Century. It was really funny, and were it not for the brake problems (metal grinding) my car began suffering on the way home from said play, Jennifer and I would probably get season's tickets to the Campbell Theater.

But anyway, the musical reminded me of that day in high school. Back when I was elated to be kissing a kill on the cheek or forehead, and the "trick" played on me when she kissed me on the kips instead. I still don't know how I got home that day. Driving from Lafayette to Concord, making it home just before dinner, and reliving the kiss the whole way home.

Another of the songs in the musical was sung by a husband looking at his wife of thirty years. He sings of how science says that love is temporary and eventually fades, and yet he can't understand then why he still loves his wife so much. The poignant part is that its a morning-at-the-kitchen-table-over-coffee-and-newspaper kind of moment. They're both in robes, and she's got the curler hood up. He ends the song simply looking at her, and she notices and says, "What?" He says, "Nothing," and the spotlights fade out. It was very moving.

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