Monday, November 02, 2009

Guilty Pleasures

So there are something only available at this time of year (or have such limited distribution they might as well only be available now).

One of my friends quests for the General Mills monster cereals. He tells me that this year he started his Halloween with Booberry.

Me, I quest for Kraft caramels. Year round you can find Brach's, but there' something different to their formula., It's okay, but has more of a cooked flavor to it. Maybe it's more caramelized. But I like Kraft. Thursday night, I found some at Safeway. On sale.

I got four bags.

Last night, I shared one with Jennifer, which she appreciated because she knows I don't share my candy well. Probably comes from being an only child. you don't know selfishness until you try to get me to share my Starbursts. But I gave her a cube of caramel.

After the moans of pleasure, she said she understood why I liked them better.

Then she told me to take them to the office because she didn't want them in the house.

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