Thursday, November 19, 2009

New Artwork

...and in just over two hours, it was done.

When i got to the shop, Phil had this sketch to show me.

I could hardly believe it. The planetary debris looked amazing to me, and the baby rocket was incredible. He took the artwork I had shown him, and incorporated the original rocket from 1938, the John Byrne revamp from 1985, the ship from "Birthright" in the late 90s, and my sketch of my blended ship. Plus he added his own touches.

Today, I got to lay on the massage table for the work. This beats the old dining room table chair we'd used before with a giant stick. My last work with him had been in a massage chair at another shop, but the table was nice; I got to hold on with my hands, head, and feet all at the same time.

After about 60% of it was done, Phil turned turned the table around, and it just happened that the transfer for the ship ended up below he hole for my head. I got to focus on it for the remainder of the work. And the more I looked at it, the more it looked like a baby. The sphere as the head, the top fins as the arms, and the tail fins as the legs kind of spread like baby legs go.

And as I said, it took just a bit over two hours. Showing the pictures to my connoisseur friends, one commented that the detail looks like it would have taken at least four hours.

What can I say? Phil does wonderful work.

So now, I wait for the line work to heal, and then I'll gather the courage and the cash for the coloring. That will be a multi-step process. But I am so pleased with the work.

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