Thursday, November 05, 2009

Simple Joys

John likes Word. He uses it everyday, and is good with it and HTML, and tags and such.

I like Excel. And tomorrow I get to play with it.

Wednesday for work, I went to Stockton and performed a slug test on two extraction wells. We dropped a five foot long plug into each well, and measured the drop in the water level as it returned to normal. then we pulled it out, and watched as the water level rose to return to normal.

We gathered data for 45 minutes for each test using a dedicated transducer to take a reading every second. As you can imagine that ends up being a lot of data points. So tomorrow I get to graph those pints, and then run some calculations on them to determine the hydraulic conductivity of the aquifer. Plus I have to make the tables pretty for the upcoming report.

See? Fun.

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