Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Having half of last week off , I really didn't get much done. However, the pile of dirty clothing had piled up, and so that was Sunday's task.

There were a lot of clothes, and you would think it would have taken all day. But, about half of ever load ended up being hung up to dry. That made the dryer load smaller, and so it was usually done by the time the next load was ready to go in.

This activity, in addition to cleaning up the kitchen, inspired Jennifer. She neatened up her area of the office (which I still can't share pictures of because it's not officially done yet), and came across some sewing projects: some loose buttons of mine she insisted she would do, another shirt that needed all new buttons, and a camisole of hers that needed a strap re-attached. As she started, I thought I had better try the shirt on that needed new buttons.

Old, and huge. Once again a shirt I was swimming in. Off to the Goodwill it goes.

And since Jennifer was doing this patch work and I had discovered how big this shirt was, I thought I would attack our bag of sewing repairs.

Of the items in the bag (a brown grocery bag), I only saved four t-shirts. Everything else was too big, or just a bad fit.

Two of the t-shirts I saved were ones that are over 15 years old. I would get rid of them, but they're some of my favorites, and cannot be replaced. They needed darning in one armpit each. One of the others has a V-neck and needed the bottom of the V repaired. The last t-shirt is huge (an XL) that I think I bought that big because it was the only one available. It's been int he bag because after the first wearing the stitching of the hem at the bottom came out. Now I'm going to wash it to see if it will shrink. If so, then we'll take it in to be re-hemmed. Otherwise, off to Goodwill it will go.

It was such a good feeling of accomplishment to get these little projects done. Then, further through my inspiration, Jennifer cleaned house yesterday making home that much more presentable.

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