Monday, November 30, 2009

I Am Sith

Saturday evening Jennifer took me out to dinner as a thanks for the IKEA assemblage, and we ate entirely too much food at Claim Jumper. Entirely too much. But it was extremely good.

Then after dinner we stopped by Target for a few little things, and I saw something I had to have. Well, actually I got it to show Jennifer, because I didn't know it was available for the PC, and she insisted we buy it.

It being: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed - Ultimate Sith Edition.

I love her.

Once we got home, I did a few things and installed it. And then I sat around for two and a half hours because it was two DVD-ROMs. By the time the install was completed it was after midnight, so I went to bed.

Most of Sunday I played it.

I really enjoy the mixture of force powers,and I'm having to learn all of the movement and attack combos. And yes, while it is very easy to use Force Lightning on everything, I enjoy the lightsaber too much not to use it too. Now I'm just waiting on enough force points to learn Force Grip at a powerful enough level to crush throats.

I'm stilling waiting on the cookies I was promised though...

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