Friday, May 01, 2009

Other Reading

Okay, so Donnerjack really hasn't been keeping my attention of late. I've had some books come in from the library, and then built a list while I was in Seattle, and got a new stack of books from the library that I have to work on now.

While in Seattle, I finished Princeps Fury, which was a very good read. The momentum was such that I ended up staying up late reading Sunday night.

Also Dian had a fun book she had been given that I devoured while I was up there. The Invention of Hugo Cabret is almost a graphic novel, but is more like a novel with storyboards interspersed in it. It tells the tale of a boy and his serendipitous time living in a train station.

I also read a couple tales from My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding. Which had a Harry Dresden story in it as well as a story by Kelley Armstrong. Both were fun little tales, good for tiding me over until the next full length book comes out.

And finally, although it was a complete book, Backup would barely qualify as a novella, and is really just a bound short story. It's another Harry Dresden story, but this time told from his brother Thomas' perspective.

And then this evening I just finished the first of a new group of books from the library. This one was Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen, and its' about an old man remembering his time in a traveling circus during the Great Depression. Totally not my normal thing, but very entertaining. And quite the fast read. I got it at the library yesterday, and just finished it.

Now I'm on to another couple collection of supernatural short stories with tales by Jim Butcher and Kelley Armstrong again. And tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day!

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