Sunday, May 31, 2009


Because I didn't get enough shopping on Friday, I did a little more on Saturday (comic books), and then Jennifer and I did even more today.

Our first stop was Transports in Oakland where for the first time I tried on some FiveFinger Shoes. The store in Oakland did not have the Flow, but they did have the KSO. I tried them on for size, and liked them, but they didn't have them in black. But their store in Berkeley did.

So we drove over to Solano Avenue, and bought a pair of the KSOs there. I tried a pair of the Flows, but the big toe on that one is a little bit smaller, and it was uncomfortable to wear. Plus I think the shoe of entire neoprene (or whatever) would be a bit hot over time. I also got a pair of toe socks which I am very happy with as they keep the shoes from sticking to my feet.

We hit a few other stores, including The Xocolate Bar, which had some amazing chocolates which Jennifer and I both highly recommend.

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