Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The Hot Zone

So I've been doing methane research for work. And somewhere in the sites that I visited, I picked up a malware virus. It posed as a anti-virus program and took over my computer at the office. It kept scanning for things, and prevented programs from running. Like the Symantec anti-virus we have at work. And Windows' Add/Remove Programs option. And the Windows Task Manager.

Our IT guy ended up having to reformat the hard drive.

So today at work was pretty much a waste other than getting some reports reviewed.

* * *

Tonight I finished Ilona Andrews' Magic Strikes. It was lots of fun and her best one yet. She revealed a little more of Kate Daniels' abilities and secret, and tied lots of relationships together in an exciting story.

It's really a fun series, and while I'd like to know more of the secrets right away, I'm enjoying the journey.

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