Monday, June 22, 2009

28 Days and Year Thirteen

And so on to Oak Grove Intermediate. For most of the year.

There I experienced the joys of lockers, gym class, and long bike rides in the fog to school.

It wasn't horrible over all, but it seemed like such a blur at times.

Then I found out we were going to move back to Kentucky. I was crushed, and didn't want to go. I had lots of going away celebrations at school, and then in February we moved.

New school, new band, and some truly awful situations.

The bus I took to school was the last one to arrive in the mornings, and often the last to leave in the afternoon. I can remember running to class in the morning. A lot.

I moved up quickly in the band, and that was good. The English/History teacher was a harelipped bitch, who made the rest of seventh grade a real hell.

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