Thursday, June 25, 2009

25 Days and Year Sixteen

And I became a sophomore.

Still taking Math (trigonometry and interpolation), Latin (new teacher but mostly the same students), English (she didn't like the way my printer worked, and we kept a journal...), and Marching Band/Concert Band. Science was different with Chemistry which I don't remember much of the class, but lots of the class itself has stuck with me.

And P.E.

I was excited that Kentucky only required two years of P.E. This would be my last year taking the stupid class.

Right, sure it would.

Not long before my birthday, I learned that I would be moving to Maryland. Why? Because Chevron had bought Gulf and we were going there to close the office there.

My life once again crashed down on me. Here I was being successful, making friends (even female friends if not quite official "girl friends"), preparing for college, and now we were moving away.

Life sucked.

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