Friday, June 12, 2009

38 Days and Year Three

Sometime during the age of two, we moved from Erlanger to a suburb of Louisville.

And this is my first memory:

I am sitting on the floor in the empty living room of our new house watching television and drinking Kool-aid. A photograph of this event shows me sitting in my typical fashion of legs in a W shape, knees forward feet back, legs flat on the floor. I used to sit that way because if I sat legs straight out I fell over backwards. I guess my head was too heavy. And "Indian Style" was boring.

Now some have said that I have shaped this memory from the photograph, but I know that the Kool-aid was grape and I can taste the plastic. The television was our black and white set, and I was watching a Road Runner cartoon.

We would be in this house for the next five years.

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