Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New York - Day Three

today we had a meal at another deli. Mitch Hedberg is so right about New York delis. To go with our sandwiches, we kept wanting to ask for a loaf of bread and some other people.

We stopped by the Vosges chocolate Shop, but things were insanely expensive.

We went to the Teno shop. We didn't get the bracelets, but I did get a necklace pendant and a set of earrings.

We also stopped into a store called Evolution. It had lots of cool stuff, but more paleontology and biology than geology.

And then we came back to the room, and went to see Kevin Smith.

It was truly a wonderful show. He is so funny and entertaining, and he didn't just rehash things that he had talked about on Smodcast. He had some great stories, and dealt with a very annoying reporter from Timeout (I'd link to it, but I have no idea which one she was from). She had no idea about the previous Evenings with Kevin Smith, and did not understand a lot of the in jokes he was referring to. It was like she had done absolutely no research on him previously. He shut her down pretty well by embarrassing her by speaking about his prowess in cunnilingus.

Highly entertaining.,

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