Friday, June 19, 2009

New York - Day Five

And so it has been our last day here.

Today we took the subway from Central Park to Battery Park. We saw Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty from the shore, and then we walked.

We walked to Ground Zero and saw the cranes in action for the reconstruction (we had already ridden the subway through the closed station that used to be under the towers).

We then walked up to City Hall. And then we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge to Brooklyn.

And what did we find in Brooklyn?

Yes, the United States Eastern Circuit Court building, and the New York Supreme Court building. But also...

White Castle!

...which we had for lunch. Surrounded by black people, Jennifer and I were the only white people in the restaurant. And the staff were so extremely friendly. they even had Caffeine free Diet Coke for Jennifer.

And I did this all in my Vibram Five Finger shoes.

Then we went back to the court house, and took the subway back to the hotel.

For dinner, we went to Plataforma, a Brazilian steakhouse. Then we walked off dinner by going back to another corner of Central Park, and then walking to Rockefeller Center.

Finally, we walked back to hotel. Now we pack, and catch a car at 5:00 EDT for our plane, and fly home.

Pictures will be up once we're home.

We may even join the Sorrellians at the pirate thing they're going to tomorrow


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