Tuesday, June 30, 2009

20 Days and Years Twenty-One

And so for our third year at CSUS, John and I moved into an apartment in Rivercest Village Apartments.

We hosted lots of games, and a few parties.

We would bike to school along the river trail, and life was pretty good.

The evening of October 17, 1989, John had driven to the library at school for some research, and I was at home playing Ultima V on my Apple II+ when I got a call from a guy in the marching band asking me if my parents were all right. I told him, I thought so, and asked why. That's when he told me about the earthquake that had hit the Bay Area. He came over to borrow our phone, and he, John, and I took turns calling family and receiving calls from various parts of the country. None of our family or friends was harmed, and we learned lots of interesting stories in the coming days.

Like our friends who were attending Cal Berkeley who walked around watching some of the buildings (like a local paint factory) burn. Or the pictures sent to one of my engineering teachers from a colleague at UC, Santa Cruz showing the causeway that got perforated by the pilings when the entire thing sank and then suddenly rose.

That year I also totalled out my red CRX while running a red light and colliding with another car (a red Civic). I had been lost and looked down to read the map.

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J said...

Oh, I remember that Apple II. The memories of logging on to the SJGames BBS and being told we were "shouting" 'cause we didn't have any upper/lower case capability. Good times.

Good old Rivercrest. Memories of giant wooden prop swords, crossbows, noisy neighbors, and what-not.

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