Thursday, June 25, 2009

26 Days and Year Fifteen

Fourteen years old and off to high school. Eastern High School to be specific in scenic Middletown, Kentucky.

And oh, the things I learned.

I remember taking the basics (English, Math, Biology), extras (Marching Band/Concert Band, Latin) and what would become the nemesis of my high school life... P.E.

I did well in English, enjoying the writing and the plays and books we read. Math is a bit of a shadow. Biology was lots of fun, and I did well. Latin was enjoyable and good for the future of the PSAT and SAT and of course cool translations for RPGs later in life.

The best was Marching Band that gave me friends across all classes, and was a nice break from regular classwork.

This year, I also got a pair of black, Frye, cowboy boots. I still have them; they're my Renaissance Faire costume boots.

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