Monday, February 01, 2010


Lately I've been in a bit of a slump writing-wise. The creative juices have not been flowing. I really think it has been due to the music I've been listening to.

I have not been in a soundtrack listening mood, and I have so enjoyed having my ~6,000 song shuffle list of "rock" music, but music with lyrics in not conducive to writing.

At least not for me.

So I was complaining to a friend today about my writer's block, and she suggested writing drabbles.

I tried, and drew a blank. So I forced myself to switch to soundtrack music. I started my Pirates playlist (the three soundtracks in order), and before the first one was finished, I had two drabbles completed.

She also gave me a site with a list of words, so once I run out of small concepts, I'll try those words for themes as well.

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J said...

Is it possible to dribble a drabble? Or is that just not doable?

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