Sunday, February 28, 2010

And Now Back to the Wall...

Three days, and three books.

Well, almost. I think I did it in four days, but I tried. The Kim Harrison book just didn't get the dedication the other two did.

I have to say of the three books so far in Niven and Lerner's New Terra series, Destroyer of Worlds is the best. Maybe because I was so interested in the timeline relating to Protector or simply because I'm three books into this arc, but this one was a much easier to read.

I have to wonder at the leniency shown to the enemy over much of the book, but that could very well be explained by mind conditioning.

Anyway, it sets up the bits for the next sequel wonderfully, and really makes me eager for the next installment.

In about a year's time.

And so I return to my stack of Charles Stross books with Accelerando.

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