Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Fungus Speculations

Okay, now stick with me here.

I have an occasional skin fungus that appears on my back and arms. It's a yeast that is related to athlete's foot and dandruff, and tends to make the host body itch a lot, and is noticeable by it's blooming marks. Today I was hit with a massive itching attack, and while Jennifer was scratching it she noted that my back was exceptionally dry, but there was no sign of the fungus.

Now here's the speculation.

I've cut back on sugar quite a bit.

Yeast needs sugar to live. Sugar is what yeast eats.

Sweat is the moisture the fungus would need to live as well.

Excess sugar can be passed through urine.

Sweat is a kind of waste similar, but more dilute, to urine.

What if the yeast-related skin fungus was feeding on the excess sugars I was excreting when I would sweat? And now that the sugar content has been drastically reduced... they're starving and dying.

I can hope.

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