Wednesday, March 03, 2010

My Eyes, Let Me Show You Them

Yesterday we got rained out at the excavation. We're ready to backfill after getting all of our confirmation samples coming back below detection levels. However with the rain, the last slot looked like a muddy bath tub. Yesterday we had 6 to 8 inches of water in it. This morning we had about a foot. Hopefully, it will have time to percolate away, and we can get the hole backfilled tomorrow.

So with a free afternoon yesterday, I called to get an eye check-up. They had an opening at 4:00 so, I hurried on over.

I got the exam, and it turned out that my previous exam (at the Costco in Concord) had given me too strong a prescription. By 0.5 (right eye) and 0.75 (left eye) too strong. So today I'm wearing new contacts that are the next generation of silicone called something like Opti-Infinity. They're more gas permeable, and are half the price of he Night & Day I've had for the past two years.

A nice turnout all around.

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