Monday, March 22, 2010

Beer Bread

Today I tried two things at once. First off i tried a recipe for making beer bread from scratch. that way I didn't have to be locked to the Trader Joe's mix. I also tried making a Black & Tan beer bread. I did that by making a batch of Bass and a Batch of Guinness draft. I made the Bass batch first, and split the batch into two loaf pans. Then I did the Guinness batch and put it on top. I was kind of worried if the Guinness batch would work or not since it had nitrogen in it instead of carbon dioxide, but it's turned out incredibly well. And the recipe turned out lighter than the TJ's mix.

I'm very happy

And the two-tone color looks so cool. And John, I promise to bring two loaves to the next game.

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J said...

Beer + Bread! Mmmm...

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