Tuesday, March 09, 2010

My Name is Erik and I'm a Clickaholic

Facebook is not about networking. Facebook is about clicky games.

I've played many of them.

Dragon Wars. Pirates Rule the Caribbean. Hero City. Mafia Wars. Mobsters 2. Castle Age.

And those are not in any way a significant percentage of the games available out there. I have avoided Farmville as much as I could. I'm on it, but only to help friends. I don't play it.

These games make their money by people wanting to be the best at them with the best upgrades and so you can buy points or install spyware or apply for credit cards that will give you a certain amount of points.

I had recently cut back to two games, and finally about a week ago, I cut back to just one.

Then yesterday, I read this article on Cracked.

Now, there is a significant difference between the clicky games and regular video games. In video games there is animation, where as in the clicky games you just click and are told a result. There is a story, and pictures, but the pictures don't move and I don't even read the stories.

However, it's going to be hard to play the game now without thinking about reaching for a food pellet.

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