Monday, March 22, 2010

The Weekend

So, Paul was moved out of the ICU Sunday afternoon. He's doing very well, all things considered, and is quite alert. He'll not be moving to a hospital closer to home until near the end of this week as they have to reposition a screw in his pelvis.

We all thank everyone for their positive thoughts, and ask that they continue as he moves through the healing process.


In other news, my cousin Kiel is a basketball star. Lincoln College won the Division II NJCAA title in men's basketball on Saturday. My little cousin who used to just barely crack the seal on a soda can because he liked to drink the fizz, and who I remember mostly as this kid who maybe came up to my ribs is going to be big in his coming NCAA career, and hopefully in the NBA as well.

Congratulations, cousin Kiel.

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