Friday, March 05, 2010

Reading Slow Down

So I'm having some issues with the Charles Stross book I'm reading.

It's a collection of short stories around one man or his daughter. The first story really bothered me because it was going along so well, and then ends with the man being drugged and raped by his ex-wife. I'd read this one before, and to have the book start with that story made it hard for me to continue.

I'm still persevering, but the ex-wife is so annoying and upsetting that anytime she's mentioned I shutdown.

So I'm not reading as fast as I'd like, but maybe I'll be able to pick-up the pace soon.


The excavation Oakland is now done. We're backfilled, and now we're taking care of the topsoil and the rest of the site4 restoration. Then we can try for closure in a year or so.

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