Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tree Falls, No One Dies

When I came home today, I lined up to back into my garage as usual and this is what I saw down the row of condos.

Jennifer came out with me and we talked to the homeowner that the tree affected. She said she had called the emergency services line for our property management company, and that the tree had fallen about 5:00.

The gate at the end does not open. It is locked and only the property management company and the fire department have the key. All because apparently people were using the complex as a cut through. Yes, it's just that stupid.

Anyway, it's now after 11:00 and no one has shown up to take care of the tree. Anyone with a vehicle beyond the tree is trapped inside until it is taken care of. I'd be damn pissed if it was me and it hadn't been taken care of yet. We're going to see how long it takes for some sort of action to be taken.

Now fortunately, no one was hurt, and it looks like the only damage is to the tiles over the garage, so hopefully everything can be taken care of and repaired before the next rains.

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Janet A said...

I am so glad this wasn't on your garage. Sorry for the person dealing with this. Hope you all are OK. Go Kiel!

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