Friday, March 19, 2010

Book and Movie

Last night Jennifer and I watched "Time Crimes," a Spanish time travel movie.

It's very straightforward, and doesn't require repeated views to understand what's going on. It just goes to show that everyone should know about time travel just in case they get caught up in a causal loop. The DVD was dubbed which was good because you need to be watching for what goes on. Definitely a good movie.

Then after the movie, Jennifer and I read. I finished Charles Stross' Halting State, and in the last couple chapters I figured out what he was doing. The book is written around three characters, and all are in second person. Given the theme of the book, I finally figured out that he was treating it as if you were playing the character in the book like a character in an RPG.

In a game it's best to describe yourself and your actions in the first person to better immerse yourself. The gamemaster then would speak to you in the second person for what you see and how people react to you. It's a good twist on storytelling, and I enjoyed the book.

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