Friday, June 11, 2010

Bit by Bit, Byte by Byte

Wednesday morning, my computer at work began to act really screwy. It started with stating that the graphics driver had a problem, and that I would need to re-boot. Then over the next couple of hours it started randomly rebooting.

After lunch, it decided that it didn't like Word anymore, and just began forcing it to shutdown. Our IT guy was able to help me out then. He blew dust out of the insides (4 years worth), and it still rebooted. He said he thought the OS had become corrupted, so I grabbed (almost) all of the files I needed, and made the decision to work from home on Thursday.

The working from home went pretty well. Pom wasn't happy with me being home, and yet ignoring her, but she only bugged me a few times in between her naps. And at the end of the day, IT told me that the computer was all set for me. Apparently one of the RAM chips had gone bad, but that everything else was fine. Of course this was after he had scrubbed the hard drive clean and started fresh.

Today was filled with more work interspersed with getting old favorites re-installed on the computer.

And this coming weekend will be a time of cleaning house.

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