Tuesday, June 08, 2010


Sunday, Jennifer and I watched "Pink Floyd's The Wall".

She had never seen it, and I could not remember the last time I had. I think sometime while I was in Lexington for school.

There seems to be less and less animation each time I watch it. Probably because that is what I focused on the first time I saw it.

And I remember that day, I'm pretty sure I was in high school, but it may have still been 8th grade. Two of my best friends at the time, the brothers Scott and David, came over after telling my mom that I needed to see it.

Scott and David were what would seem contradictions. Both were big in the church youth group, and they played Dungeons & Dragons. Scott first introduced me to tarot cards, and David loved Ozzy Osbourne. It's how I knew growing up that there was nothing to fear from those three things sending me into the hands of the Devil. Or at least how I justified it.

But the coolest thing was when Mom asked them if there was anything in the movie that she needed to be worried about, and Scott laid it out for her. there was some sex and nudity, and flashes of a rape scene, but nothing extraordinary. Mom thanked him, said she'd be upstairs, and went and read in the sun room.

And it still took me another five years before I bought a copy of the album for myself.

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