Monday, June 28, 2010

Computer Games - Magnavox

I don't remember how Dad presented it. it may have been a gift, or perhaps something he brought home one day. But the console game that I had growing up was the Magnavox Odyssey2.

I wasn't sure about it at first because it wasn't the Atari, but as time passed, I was fiercely loyal to it. It never really got the tie-in games that Atari did, but all of the games were fun, and had lots of variations.

I subscribed to the magazine that went with the console for most of its run, and ended up owning almost all of the games as time went by.

The main problem with the game was the fragility of its controller cords. they started to get weak after all the use I put them through, and Dad did his best to fix them as I wore them out.

I played these games as much as I could, and again learned to play some of the two person games by myself. I got pretty good at Baseball! (The exclamation point is Magnavox's not mine. All of the games for the Odyssey2 ended in exclamation points.)

Alas as things progressed with home computers, the console games of the time couldn't keep up, and so they got shelved. At least mine did.

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Janet A said...

Dad and I think Santa brought the Odyssey to you. You used your allowance to add to the different games. Plus the Kinneys next door had an in ( his mother worked for Magnavox) and I think gave you games. You also bought parts and pieces at yard sales ect.

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