Saturday, June 26, 2010

Computer Games - The Beginning

My computer game experience began with something very much like this:

I don't remember the brand, but it was very much like this.

The games consisted of the classic Pong, practice (against a wall), jai alai (two against a wall like racquetball), and there may have also been a game with multiple paddles on each side.

Then there was the shooting game. the console came with a gun that was a pistol. However, you could also screw on a barrel, and and a shoulder stock. You were supposed to shoot the block that was bouncing around the screen.

Looking back, I think the gun worked on a reflection sensor. So that if the light that flashed from the gun reflected off the black background the amount of light reflected would be low compared to the light reflected from the white block. The problem was that the sensor was so weak, that you almost had to play the game in the dark for it to work.

It was fun for its time, and I think the most difficult thing I ever did was play Pong right handed vs. left handed.


BTW, we got this around the end of the 70s. So it was only about 30 years ago.

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