Wednesday, April 16, 2008

But is there any food?

So today I finished the latest Harry Dresden book by Jim Butcher. And they just keep getting better.

The entire series is a fun read. The internal "physics" of magic is great. It has just about anything a person reading supernatural could want. There are necromancers, demons, faerie/sidhe, holy warriors, fallen angels, vampires (three kinds, yet), and of course wizards.

Harry has become such a well defined character. And even though there is a continuity along the stories, it's not so ingrained in the overall story that Butcher feels the need to rehash all previous events at the beginning of a new book. You don't even get a description of Harry Dresden in this new book for at least 50 pages.

Now, while I know there were problems with the Sci-Fi Channel's TV series, I did find it entertaining, and I do tend to picture Harry like that actor, and I hear Bob's voice from the show when he speaks in the books. Beyond that? Not so much. The show is a fun watch if you haven't read the books, and they would make me want to read the books once I had seen it, but they have less to do with the books than the movie Jurassic Park did with the book.

So now I get to move on to reading the latest Kelley Armstrong. I got a hint of what Hope (the half-demon protagonist) will be like from reading Dates from Hell, a collection of four short stories by different female authors of modern supernatural. I'm hoping (seriously no pun intended) that she is as fun in the book as she was in the novella.

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