Monday, April 28, 2008

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

Yesterday Jennifer and I went to the Woodland Scottish Games with our friends Steve, Lisa, Paul and Gemma, and were met there by Adam and Christa.

We started by meeting at Steve and Lisa's place where I bought a Utilikilt that was too small for Steve. It made my day because I stayed nice and cool, and felt cool as well.

It is the black, survival utilikilt that I bought, and thoroughly enjoyed. Now I have to get a belt. Steve let me borrow one of his that is a policeman's belt, that was really comfortable.

While at the games, we drank much beer. I stuck with Newcastle Brown, but the others had some Fat Tire amber, and a Scottish Ale I couldn't make the name out of, and didn't enjoy. And we had three whiskeys that went around in flasks.

We watched the Wicked Tinkers perform, saw some of the games (caber toss, hammer throw, vertical weight), and a fine performance by a sheep dog moving some very recalcitrant sheep.

As soon as I get my Flickr account going, I'll link to the pictures from both Saturday and Sunday.

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