Wednesday, April 09, 2008

You Will Know Pain...

I blame my coworker and her enthusiasm for my present condition.

Maura, one of the engineers at work, decided it would be fun to start a pick-up game of Ultimate Frisbee after work. We had a little over a week's notice, and yesterday she sent out an E-Vite saying that she had found an open field for us to play on today. So at 6:00 today eight of us met, half of us from ETIC and half from the boards she had posted at.

I was confident that I would do well. I've been throwing a Frisbee much of my life, and had played very informal Ultimate during junior high and high school. Plus, I've been going tot he gym now for almost three years, and I thought I was in good shape.

Just a friendly tip, there is a big difference between stationary biking and elliptical work, and running around a field chasing a flying, plastic disc.

Now granted, I've been sick for a little over two weeks, just went to the gym for the first time during that period last night, but I can't believe this. After two scores, I thought I was wiped out. I don't have asthma, and I wasn't wheezing, but I felt like I was just about to start. I'm still coughing when I take too deep of a breath. My back is sore from a couple falls and tumbles I took (note to self: buy turf shoes), the backs of my thighs are tight, and I have to be careful sitting in my ergonomic chair because my knees are a little tender to the touch. Just the surface, the joints are fine.

Now, the balance to this is how much fun I had. I was easily faked out but the guys, and was given a run for my money by Yuko, our Japanese geologist. I came home with grass stains on my shirt, my shorts, and the aforementioned knees. That's knees, not the knees of my pants. I haven't had green knees in years.

And now, once I'm finished with this, I'll go back to my reading chair, resume my book, and relax.

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JS said...

Hmmm... instead of "Greensleeves" you can be "Greenknees"!!!

Gettin' old, my friend.

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