Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I wish I could go tomorrow night too...

Last night, Jennifer and I got to see Robin Williams at Bimbo's in San Francisco. I actually got to sit in the same seat that I sat in the last time I saw him. They kept the venue cooler this time; Robin's entire shirt didn't change color with sweat, and it wasn't dripping off of him during the show.

You could tell it was new material since he kept switching accents without logic. Okay, even less logic than normal, but I was thoroughly entertained. He started off by catching someone attempting to video his performance, and going off on them. Something we all appreciated.

Then he got into the swing of things, and took off. He hit on the Chinese, the Olympic Torch, the Japanese, the Canadians, the English, India, the Devil, and various politicians in America. And went on for an hour and a half. Then he came back out and did a little true improv. He had attacked the woman sitting next to me who looked thoroughly bored, and asked her for her name. She said, "Jenny Sue," and he almost lost it laughing. He immediately backed off, saying that it was bad enough that she had two names. He also got on people who had brought their own food. Then he found a lawyer:

Robin: So you're a lawyer? What company do you work for?

Lawyer: For a law firm in the city.

Robin: Oh really? Let me guess, you work in a building, right?

Jennifer and I had a great time, and it helped us get our minds off of today... And getting our taxes done.

I came home halfway through the day, and buckled down to get them done. It's just intimidating, and I couldn't bring myself to sit down and work on them before now. We did get them done, and got them to the post office around 7:30. And this is much better than a couple years ago when it was actually closing in on midnight when we dropped them off.

The bummer was that this year there were no Libertarians outside the post office. That time were were so late taking them in, there was a group handing out lollipops and asking, "So, do you feel like a sucker today?"

But tomorrow things will return to relative normal, and we can all feel like we're working for ourselves, and not Sam the Oiloholic.

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