Thursday, April 24, 2008

I get it. It's a pun, or play on words.

I've a friend who claims to hate puns. My mom used to send out terrible jokes via e-mail that ended in groaners, and she would label the subjects "For John". And yet, John is one who tends to instigate the pun wars on Yahoo Messenger.

It always makes me remember an early Dilbert from when Scott Adams would draw Dilbert at home and walking around with Dogbert. One time he explained a pun war. It simply goes on until one person gets frustrated because they can't find the next pun, or simply gets tired of it.

John usually wins, but every now and then I come out ahead.

Today's was based on fish. Granted we touched on crabs and whales too, but that's fair game.

And yet this is the same guy that punishes us when we pun at a RPG session. However I think the instigator of the 3 puns per game per player limit was brought up by another of the players. At least the puns are related to the action.

Ah well.

... Hmmmm ...

And just that quickly, I have my idea for part of my next adventure. I'm in charge of our next session, and as my eyes passed over my desk I had an inspiration.

I'll have to look at that tonight when I get home. I wonder how much that is based on "to breathe in".


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JS said...

I don't hate puns. I hate OTHER PEOPLE'S puns.

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