Saturday, August 15, 2009

Amusement and Worry

Today we spent the day at The Amusement Park Formerly Known as Marine World Africa USA. And it has become as bad as we have feared. There is hardly any education associated with the animal shows. And it is just insanely loud. It can't be good for the animals.

Then when we got home Jennifer and I went our separate ways, but now we are worried because Pom went out three hours ago, and hasn't returned yet.

I'm going to wait another hour before I start to really worry. We keep her inside at night because of raccoons, and general care. I'm hopeful that she is all right, but for now, I'm saddened.


And as I wrote the above she came and scratched at the window of the media room. Jennifer got up and let her in, and we knew exactly where she had been...

In our neighbor's house.

She smelled like bad potpourri and cigarette smoke.

We're going to have to confront our neighbor.

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