Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Take Some Pepto-Bismol...

So Jennifer has a friend (M) who is going through some difficult stuff with her significant other (O). Now despite the vagaries of the previous they are a heterosexual pair. And he's being an ass.

The details are unimportant, but the basics are the same: He's not acting like a Man should.

Events unfolded in the past that O was responsible for and he took no action and accepted no responsibility, leaving it all of the burden for M to shoulder.

And now O is trying to use M in a very bad way.

And now M has been with O for around 5 years and is conditioned to follow what he says. Jennifer is having to work with her to set things straight in her mind. Essentially, Jennifer is having to convince her that M is not in the wrong.

So I've got some rules I'll be putting out there. It should be obvious that these are a work in progress.

- A Man always takes full responsibility for his actions and any consequences those action may bring about.

- A Man does everything in his power to make things comfortable for the people he cares about.

Now I'm having lots of trouble getting this right, but when O does not make M comfortable, then he must not care for her anymore.

I'm going to have to dig through some old papers from college. I may still have a long list of what a Man should do. If I do I'll probably start a real numbered list.

Disclaimer: A Man is hereby defined as a male in any sort of relationship who does what is proper in the care of his significant other and in his general comportment.

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