Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Steve "The Rooster" Sorrell - Brown Chicken Brown Cow

This post is for a good friend of mine. Steve plays guitar. He plays guitar about as well as Jennifer sings. I dream of the day he opens for Steve Vai and Joe Satriani.

And right now, he's finally trying to get himself out there alone. He's been in a couple bands; most recently Esucarys and A Prelude to Tragedy. A few months ago he played solo instrumental covers to a bunch of rock songs for Jennifer's loft party. And he needs our help.

He's got a new song that's a little bit country. Okay, it's very country, but still it's awesome and funny. So please give it a watch, and pass it on to your friends who might like it. We'd all love for Steve to sell this song, and some of the others he's written.

And his MySpace page (which he tells me is the best way to get his info out there) is here.

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