Monday, August 10, 2009

Appropriate Response?

So I cut out of work a little early today to run a banking errand. On my way past DVC, a police car in front of me took off. As I continued past the school another cruiser poked his nose out, and I stopped to let him out. Then I spotted a third cruiser coming the other way. All three ended up pulling into the parking lot of the Chevron station there hitting their lights (but no sirens) once they entered the parking lot.

I went on across to the bank, and looked across Contra Costa Boulevard, and saw two more cruisers and a motorcycle cop all around one side of the station.

By the time I was leaving the bank they had all finished their business doing whatever they were doing, and the last cruiser was pulling off site.

But I just kept thinking: 5 cruisers and a motorcycle? Were they all really necessary?

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