Monday, August 31, 2009


Some things never seem to be done.

We're still working on our office at home. We did pick up a piece of furniture at IKEA on Sunday (Expedit sofa table) which we'll be using as our table for our printers and scanner. We also got some good ideas for the craft table. It has a light table option. And then there's some cabinets and shelves. It really congealed as we looked.

And then if Jennifer has as busy a week as it looks, then we'll finally be able to get me my new laptop. And then we'll just need our Network Attached Storage (NAS), and we'll be all set at home. The prices aren't too terrible really, so I have to decide between 2, 4, or 6 TB. Probably the 4TB would be best for storage and back-ups. Buffalo (which is the brand of our current external storage) has nice ones with two USB ports. That way we could tie in the 500GB to the NAS, and the printers as well. I'm getting kind of Igor (Dork Tower, not Frankenstein) over it all.

And then as far as incomplete, I keep finding something about my MP3 files I want to update. First it was getting artwork for all of the files. Then it was assigning grouped tracks (like "of 12" if there were 12 tracks on an album). Now I feel I need to assign the Album Artist. Don't ask me why. I think it's the blank spaces. They must be filled up.

And finally there's my adventure that I have just under two weeks to complete. Forget for now that we still need to get chairs for the game. I have a skeleton of a game structure, I just need to add traps... I mean, flesh it out.

Okay, not finally, but I also am having a dilemma over what to read next. I have First Man, the biography of Neil Armstrong, but I'm really tempted to re-read the Discworld series. Again.

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