Friday, August 21, 2009

The Dreaming

Last night, I had some difficulty sleeping; Jennifer did too. I ended up reading while rubbing her head. Finally, she drifted off, and eventually I did too.

And the dream I had was strange, but inspiring.

In the dream I had a nickel-sized blemish on my left wrist. It was golden maroon and had a strange texture and pattern to it. Whoever I was with pointed me towards a television that spoke of a strange techno-fungus that was starting to crop up. I don't know offhand if it was nanites gone wrong, or a blend of fungus and nanites (like lichen is mold and fungus).

So I went to some place that had some broad spectrum cleansing soap, and I began washing my hands. The blemish spread and covered my left hand in very sharp lines until the entire hand was covered. It continued to change color going from yellow to violet over a more circuit board kind of pattern, and sometimes charging color depending on the position or angle of the hand. As I continued to scrub the color faded, and most of the skin returned to normal.

Finally, I stepped away from the sink, and dried off. A couple of the fingers on my left hand still had a black to gray discoloration and texture, and so I thought that tape might be a good may to get rid of that. So I smoothed scotch tape over the pad of my thumb and then pulled it off.

Not only did some of the blemish come off with the tape, it came off in narrow two-dimensional strips that stuck up perpendicular to the tape. And they had patterns on them that looked like the patterns you get from DNA tests. The strips were maybe a quarter of a centimeter wide, and probably three to four centimeters long.

I did the tape trick a few more times, and seemed to get all of the discoloration off of my fingers, and the DNA strips got shorter and shorter.

...And then I woke up.

If I could come up with more of a plot to this (meaning real consequences other than a typical zombie effect) then I might turn this into an RPG session. Well, I've got three nights in Marysville that just may come in useful.

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