Tuesday, May 25, 2010

NAS is Nice

Today my new Network Attached Storage (NAS) arrived.

So I spent the evening setting it up. It wasn't quite as easy as plugging it in, connecting it to the network, and turning it on.

But almost.

Right now I've got it set to RAID 5 which will allow the 4 drives to back each other up giving me 3/4 of the total capacity, but still giving me protection in case something should happen to one of the drives.

My only problem so far has been setting up my old laser printer to work with it. I bought a parallel to USB cord, but that doesn't seem to work with the NAS. It does work when directly plugged into the laptop, so we may just use it like that for a while. I think the next way I'll try is a parallel to router attachment.

But until then, my next project will be setting up backing up the computers.

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