Saturday, May 01, 2010

Today I am a Red Lantern

Today, our pool and spa were supposed to be open. It says so in our HOA bylaws.

I really don't trust our property management company, so yesterday I called to confirm that the pool would be open, even though it was scheduled to be open on a Saturday. I was assured that it would be.

Today came, and I went to my comic book store, and got my books along with my free ones for free Comic Book Day.

Then we came home, got Jennifer all set to go out to spend time around the pool, and she went out to sit in the sun.

However, she was soon back stating that the gate was still locked up and the pool was not clean.

Jennifer was pretty much devastated. I was livid. I ended up calling every extension at Bay Area Property Services that they listed on their voice message service. As well as e-mailing everyone that listed their e-mail address.

I soon got an e-mail back stating that the pool would not be open until Memorial Day. Also that all communication should come from the property owner.

I have since scanned the HOA bylaws which give the opening date as May 1, and there are no addenda changing this date.

I look forward to seeing what happens next.

Also, with all love and honesty, I have never felt more like my mother. Because she doesn't put up with shit from companies that screw with her either.

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Janet A said...

MOM is proud of you taking charge. Go get them.

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