Friday, May 21, 2010

The Return

Yesterday I drove back from southern California. The trip wasn't too bad, but I was really surprised at the amount of gas I used. When I had driven south, I had only used 7/8 of a tank, and yet on the return, I had to fill up in Livermore, so I was about 45 minutes from home.

I had thought it was due to warmer weather which required more air conditioner usage, but I'd had a jar of moisturizer that had melted and flowed on the way down, but it didn't melt on the way back.

It was pretty windy on the Thursday, so maybe that was it.


Jennifer and I went out to dinner together when I got home, and then when we got back, i walked out to get the mail. While I was waling, I heard a cat meowing, and so as I came back to the house, I started looking for it. Finally, as I got back to our garage, I tracked the meowing to our roof. Where I saw Pom silhouetted against the sky. I went in and got the laundry basket that she likes to ride in, and even though I could raise it up high enough for her to almost step into, she wouldn't get close to the edge.

People who know me will remember that I dislike heights. I even had to be helped off of a roof in college when I locked up. So it was up to Jennifer to get Pom down. She got her close once, but wasn't able to hold on, so we had to let her sit up on the roof for a while before trying again.

Finally, Pom got close enough again for Jennifer to grab her, and this time she got her down.

Today, Pom stayed in.


I did not much of anything today. I went in to work to unload and drop off the truck, did my time sheet, and then came home. At home I relaxed, read a little, and ended up falling asleep for about 2 hours.

Tomorrow,, I will probably do about the same thing. Except sleep may be broken up with bits of laundry.


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